Web Development

We have a specialized team in creating customer web applications and websites that suits your needs  using the latest Technologies and languages 

Educational platform

Designed to provide educators, instructor and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Printers & Photocopiers

We Rent, Supply and repair Laser jet , Ink jet , Multifunction Printers\Copiers and large format plotters. Most Trusted brands like HP, Xerox , Canon , Samsung , Brother are Supported.

Hardware Repair

Hardware Electronics repairs including Laptops, Desktop computers and other IT related systems. Major vendors including but not limited to “HP, Dell and Lenovo” are supported

Power Management

Implementing and maintaining power management hardware of UPSs i.e.”MGE, APC, IMV, Power Com, Infosec .Get real-time power management alerts.

Computer and Toner cartridge Supplies

We  offer a wide variety of Computer and office supplies and Toner cartridges of high quality from respected brands like Hp, Lenovo , Dell .

Backup Solutions

We can cover all your Backup, file storage and redundancy Products; local or online solutions which helps you to protect your precious data from data threats.

Anti-virus & Firewall Security

We offer a complete range of security and privacy solutions. SECURITY. Everything you need to stay safe online